1. valtair-of-ouroboros said: As a fan of SPG and a level headed individual, I want to say something. As much as I like Rabbit as a male and would even strive to duplicate some of the outfits, I support your decision. Personal growth and direction is nothing people should hinder. As I believe Dr. Seuss said, "Be who you are and say what you mean, for those who matter don't mind and those who mind dont matter." do what makes You happy. You and the others are awesome regardless.



  2. mightythesaurusrex said: Are y'all planning on doing a Halloweentime show this year? I heard somewhere that Calico wasn't happening for you lot.

    On Halloween we’ll be in Detroit, Michigan for Youmacon!


  3. rawrawrawrimmahobo said: So, is it Isabella Bunny Bennett or Isabella "Bunny" Bennett? More simply, is Bunny a middle name or a nickname? (You're cute as frick, btw. At some point you're gonna have to stop gettin' cuter. You're makin' the rest of us look bad.)

    Bunny will hopefully be my middle name when all is said and done. For now it’s a nickname until it’s legal. :)


  4. sweethikidreams said: First of all I'd like to say that I really enjoy your work with SPG and you seem like a really cool person. Anyway, I know Rabbit's basically eternally a WIP but honestly right now she doesn't look much like a robot. She looks more like a person with a weird tan and theatrical makeup. The lines aren't as... I don't know, geometric(?) as they should be. The roundness is more feminine but it's also too organic. Maybe some triangular shapes would keep it effeminate while still seeming metal.

    Think it boils down to personal preference. Since January Rabbit’s makeup has done so many variations…and each one had some folks thinking it didn’t look robotic enough.

    With that information, making heads or tails off of peoples comments gets impossible. Ultimately I have to figure out what works through the cloud of suggestions. :/ And if I let myself be swayed by each one of them, I’d go nuts.


  5. ember1313 said: Hi Miss Bunny! I love your music! I was wondering if you guys would consider playing at anime Midwest again since I unfortunately missed out this year. I really hope to meet you guys!

    We’re planning on attending next year. :)


  6. shadowedjunichi said: I dont want this to come off rude or anything its not my intention. I just want to say I preferred Rabbit over Bunny. I am a huge fan of both. I am just a sucker for top hats and trench coats. Either way I still support your choices madam.

    Rabbit’s name is still Rabbit. Bunny is just a nickname for me. :)

  7. trekkiebeth:

    David & the SPG ladies | photo by trekkiebeth


  8. davidmichaelbennett:

    Hey y’all!

    I’ve started an Official Steam Powered Giraffe Destiny Group/Clan called The Cavalcadium.

    I am currently playing Destiny on PS4, so feel free to join if you are also playing! You don’t need approval or anything, as it’s open to all.

    I don’t have much free time, but when I am on, I’ll gladly interact with a few of ya!

    With a big enough clan it’d be easier to find other players to fireteam with and tackle missions together!

    The Cavalcadium group/clan is also on PS3, XBox 360, and XBox One. :)

    Ooo Ooo I’ll join!

  9. carlyquinn:

    happy talk like a pirate day, guys!

    here’s a captain alexander :0

    Aye, that be a fine Cap’n if ever I saw one! And quite th’ tasty parrot!


  10. allfordean said: A good friend of mine recently introduced me to SPG and I am obsessed! I've even sucked my little siblings into the fandom with me. My brother (age 12) has created his own robot, "Clocky". Anyway, my question for you is: When in male form, was Rabbit still technically a woman? I mean, what pronouns should we use regarding male Rabbit? My siblings are confused about this and I really don't know what to tell them. I want to make sure we're being respectful of Rabbit's gender, and yours as well.

    That’s so awesome to hear! Clocky is a sweet name!

    Thank-you for being considerate- gender change can be confusing. Male Rabbit was technically an incomplete robot- mostly just a skeleton. According to the backstory, the inventors recently dug up some original blueprints and found out that Rabbit had never been completed…and was suppose to be a femme-bot all along!

    It’s alright to refer to Male Rabbit as a he or she back then- both are appropriate. I’m not sure Rabbit would mind herself!