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David and I recently moved- and part of the fun in that besides…moving in general is paying double the rent (yay!) for your new place and the old place. I’m not rich by any means- just in the love from all of you, and I make my living off my art. I’ve had a lot of expenses such as physical training, medical bills, taxes, etc, etc to go along with all of the moving this month. I could use some change.

If you want to help SPG, please do- I do see percentages each month. But if you want to directly help, please consider supporting me with an art print purchase from my gallery!

I’m always wondering what work you’d like to own- so if there’s something you don’t see offered as a print…let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Keep in mind…I don’t own the rights to some characters…like y’know…Jack Skellington and Maleficent- so I cannot sell those pieces.

I appreciate your time! Thanks for reading!





fatan2 said: Uber supportive of your choices. Was wondering is there a possibility your voice will change as you transition? You are a beautiful person inside and out.

Nope. Common misconception. Only females to males get a voice change. I’m taking voice lessons to lighten it, but it will probably take years of work. :) And thank-you for your support. As my friends always tell me, happiness shouldn’t be a question. When you live your life as someone else for so long, you’re only hurting yourself.


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This guy used to watch us in Balboa Park and at the zoo.I was…so grateful to run into him twice during Comic-Con.

This guy used to watch us in Balboa Park and at the zoo.

I was…so grateful to run into him twice during Comic-Con.


cmorganwrite said: Three things: First, is the girl in Turn Back the Clock based on a child any of you know in real-life, or a concept fully in-character? Second, who's idea was it to do the reprise on Mark III in Japanese? My family has been trying to decide which robot that would be most characteristic of :) Third, not a question, but just an observation: seeing pictures of you lately has been amazing, you seem more alive. I'm glad you're no longer having to live a life that isn't fully yours.

Yes. There was a little girl whose mother and father came to see us quite regularly in Balboa Park. I watched her grow for the three or so years we knew them. When Jon left that mother was…quite upset and hasn’t seen us since. It still hurts. I always hope to see their smiling faces in the audience…but they’re never there.

I know that sounds silly. But I was very moved that this family was sharing a chunk of their life with us.

-David is the mastermind behind the Japanese version of the intro song. It was something we joked about for many years. :)

-And I’m glad you’re in support of my transition apparently. I do appreciate that immensely. <3


rileylaroux said: Comic-Con was the first show I've seen in the new format and I've gotta say it was really, really enjoyable. Everything felt solid and it was awesome to see G.G., Beebop and Qwerty. Thanks for working so hard to put together such a rad experience, it was way worth the VIP ticket!

Thanks! We’ve been working hard this past year- and its been a fun ride!


cake-batter-nevermore said: I know you can't wear a corset on stage for obvious lung constriction reasons, but had you thought about corseting in every-day life? Over time it could help you get a more womanly figure. <3

But I do wear a corset on stage. :)


I’ll Rust With You | photo by trekkiebeth


I’ll Rust With You | photo by trekkiebeth


spacemuffinz said: not trying to stroke your ego or anything but you are just really good looking no matter what size and it's cool that you're getting fit and trim and it's cool to have a good self image and maybe i just dont care enough to judge people based only on how they look and maybe it's cuz i'm fat and have no room to judge and i think sexy is a frame of mind and not an aesthetic but i've seen probably every video of spg that's ever existed on youtube 9x and you've always been so nice to mine eyes idk

Thank-you very much!

Healthy is good. But everyone has different sizes. In my line of work- being fit has seemed to be the only way to keep doing this for the next couple decades. I’ve been overweight, I’ve been underweight…but I’ve never been fit until now.

My drive definitely comes with wanting to benefit the act. And I don’t have a problem saying my robot is better today than it has ever been. Because I’m doing the work and it’s no longer opinion to me- I’m busting my ass up there a lot more than I have in the past.

Of course…the physical training also is to help with the hormonal changes and the dramatic shift I’m going through in switching genders. Finally (and a lot of you probably don’t want to hear this…) me striving for a better body is also due to being in the limelight. As a woman.

All that makeup and costume makes me bigger. For male Rabbit it’s not a big deal. You don’t notice in the past years most likely… I have male proportions, it looks fine. Even if I was overweight instead it’d still probably be shrugged off. Dudes get a free fat card. Just sayin’.

But as a woman folks are going to care more. It’s the sad truth. And that’s one reason why I’ve been physically training. To get a more ideal image. Hate me for that or not, women have it tough. Especially in entertainment.

A lot of my concern is definitely because I don’t want to look like a man. Let me argue that if I was plump enough I could pass for a woman even moreso. I’m just saying…for me its less that “women are thin” and more…”I want to look as feminine as I can.” I just happen to be in a very active job right now. So hopefully I can be more toned.

I’m looking at it in a more positive light though. I want to be fit. That doesn’t mean I need to be paper thin. My bones and build and… time as a man in his 20s will always make me the Amazon warrior I is, but I have to re-write 20-something years of male habits in a body that no longer will treat me like I’m a man.

So it’s all beneficial in my metamorphosis. With some extra positives to go along with it…to hopefully overshadow the sexist reason I’m doing it.

I’d like to finalize this with a big ol’ - exercise is the best depression killer. Without it I dunno what I would do. :) Hope that paints a more flowery picture before the comment section turns into controversy.





Hey all!

Check out our newest music video, the 1950’s style inspired song, “I’ll Rust With You”, from our newest album MK III!

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