Rabbit | photo by trekkiebeth

plutopiter said: I love the revision to Rabbit's bio on the website. Everything has come together so beautifully. I remember reading the blurb about Rabbit potentially needing a "full hardware replacement" in the MK III Album case art. From a creative standpoint, kudos for the awesome way it was all laid out. I appreciate the characters just THAT much more, now! :3

We debated for a while on what felt right. I think our decision came after we started feeling comfortable with the change. I’m happy we finally agreed on something- some of the alternative ideas weren’t very good. But with something as new and complicated as this…we needed time to feel it out.


Some graphic updates to the website! We’ve also just added the profile for Rabbit the robot!

thegoddly1 said: Hey do you think there could be some stuff with the spine, Rabbit, hatchworth and the Jon??? Or is the Jon out for good (I would NOT want hatchworth to go he is awsome and a great fit)

Naw. Jon has moved on. And as for the fiction/etc we’re going to keep marketing the current lineup of robots. Only makes sense!



You guys are going to loooooove the new dvd.

You mean DVD/Blu-Ray/CD Album Combo Pack. ;)


et-filii-diaboli said: Who is your favorite character from Guardians of the Galaxy(sorry if this is a repeat)

I wasn’t expecting to, but I really loved Rocket!


lissathewaltergirlrp said: Hi miss bunny! I was wondering, would you ever perform brass goggles again?

Probably sooner rather than later. I have to remake the backing tracks with the guys- so that requires some new instrumentation and such. :)

First burn! Time to check for errors. Also…This was shot in 2013, that title is a lie.
#spg #steampoweredgiraffe

First burn! Time to check for errors.
Also…This was shot in 2013, that title is a lie. #spg #steampoweredgiraffe


Transition blog #2. 1 month and 1 week on hormones.

(Also, I apologize for using the word “Transgendered” in this video. I think I remember hearing myself say it once or twice here, but I apologize that it keeps happening. Please don’t take it as me being insensitive! As you can probably tell, I slur my words a lot like a drunken sea captain and patter off in excess. Hopefully I learn to put the correct term into my vocabulary sooner or later.)


justmissjac said: Hey Bunn! I am wondering.. I know Jon sang those lovely overtones for Honeybee and I was kind of sad to miss them in your live shows, but I am pretty sure I heard them at Nerd Fest in Orlando this year! Am I wrong? If I'm right, who does them now?

Sam does ‘em! But of course we’re each doing our own thing, so it’s not exactly the same. We’ve actually added more harmonies to Honeybee for the live shows.