2. cogwheel-feline said: First, I'd like to apologize right off the bat if this question sounds rude (I'm really paranoid that everything I say comes across as rude or disrespectful) and I'm sure you get this question a lot. Why didn't you always dress as a girl, from the start of SPG? I just recently joined the fandom, probably a few weeks ago, so I'm just curious

    You’re not coming off as rude at all!

    When we started this act, I considered myself a crossdresser…and was still very much struggling with my identity. Only a few people knew about my problem (my brother and girlfriend at the time). Around that time I definitely considered transitioning and dreamed of performing as a woman, but I just didn’t have the confidence to be my true self…and it would be a few more years before that growing itch would need to be scratched.

    I’m so much happier right now. I don’t think many people can recognize such positive change in their day-to-day lives…so seeing that this has made me so much better off is awesome.


  3. thepointisdolphins said: (part 6)I know you don't owe me a damn thing and that's good for me to accept. But I just wanted to let you know that, however unintentional it was, you hurt me something awful. So I guess... if you could at least clarify why you linked to @femfreq and not an actual article about Zoe Quinn, that would be enough to at least calm my nerves. :/

    I linked to a blog with some short words. Rather than link to a specific article by an author. The general messages in that twitter feed are what I intended to showcase. As for the videos…well, my thoughts on them aren’t presented. You did the rest.

    The whole issue with females in media is a problem- and unfortunately it’s going to require “unneeded” speculation and discussion concerning some perceived ridiculous things. To lesser offences, there are tons of movies, games, and books that can be criticized as “Boy’s Adventures” - including my own comic. There are tons more that really don’t give us great female characters…or treat them as objects to be desired/won/saved…or simply used as punching bags to make the viewer feel awful.

    I think there are exceptions to everything. Even in the horrifying. Sometimes this imagery is used to hold a mirror to ourselves.

    Regardless of the intent, or the beliefs of the author…they can still be examples of what not to do. What we need to change and consider…

    And it’s not for the heartfelt, it’s for the people so blinded by the repetition and ignorance that they need to see what’s going on.

    Personally, I don’t want to tear apart every little thing. Or every video game. But the message in blogs like this needs to be heard- even if they are difficult to swallow…and even if we don’t agree with everything they say.

    People naturally don’t have a median they fall into. It’s usually extreme sides. I, however…am a Libra. Falling in the middle is something I do with or without astrological persuasion.

    The gradient is a great place to live.

    We will continue nitpicking things on the internet for years and think these opposing voices on the net are saying some pretty silly things…and that’s great.

    At least it’s being discussed. And while finding the balance seems impossible, I think that the dialog being ongoing these days is important. Eventually we can hope to iron out the asshattery of both sides.


  4. thepointisdolphins said: (part 5) trying, me get through my own transition. Yes, being FtM is much different. But I have no support system where I live. There is no trans community. There's barely even an LGBT community. Of course I'm going to look to people online for even a modicum of support just by their being there so I can see what and how they're doing with their own transition. Your music made me happy. Your personal posts made me happy because they made me feel like I had a chance at being happy too.


  5. thepointisdolphins said: (part 4)support for her hurts like hell because I honestly saw you as someone who wouldn't just blindly follow anyone and everyone who shares at least some of the same ideals. Your feminism is NOT the problem, just to clarify. Why am I taking this so personally and not just looking past your support of Anita? Because when I discovered SPG and then found out that you're trans, I nearly fell off my bed. I was elated to have finally found a trans person I could follow who might, without them even


  6. thepointisdolphins said: (part 3)way, even if it is a game that revolves around the plot of a guy rescuing his girlfriend from someone who beat and then kidnapped her. Personally, I see this as the guy showing he cares about her (would anyone want their SO to say 'Oh, she can handle herself, she's a grown woman' instead?), but that's beside the point. She also sees games like Mass Effect as being objectifying because of Female!Shepard's very existence. Again, not the point. My point is that your showing support


  7. thepointisdolphins said: (part 2)seem to be any tweets related to Zoe Quinn, I find it very difficult to swallow the fact that you apparently support a feminist as toxic as Anita Sarkeesian. I used to support her as well, but after digging deeper into her now infamous video series about the treatment of women in video games, I can't. If you'd like, I can go further into the why of this, but let me keep it short - from what I've seen, she seems to believe that almost every video game in existence is misogynistic in some


  8. thepointisdolphins said: (part 1)You can reply to this publicly if you want, but I'd rather you didn't, given the way some SPG fans can be when they see someone making a statement they disagree with. Neither of us needs an inbox shit-storm. Your latest post honestly has me feeling alienated. Not because of what's happening with Zoe Quinn - it's horrible and she doesn't deserve it. My problem is with the fact that the link you gave is to the Feminist Frequency twitter account. Putting aside the fact that there don't


  9. This whole Zoe Quinn thing is awful. I wish the world was a kinder place.


  10. steam-powered-kylie said: I'm so excited to see you at the Steamposium. It's going to be my first concert, con, and the first time seeing you (I'm sure I going to see you more then once. Hehe) There's is going to be a lot of first that day.

    Very excited to be back in Washington!