Bunny’s FAQ

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PLEASE NOTE: This page is my personal Tumblr. The posts may be inappropriate for children.

Bunny FAQ:

Is this blog safe for children?

There may be content of an adult nature that is inappropriate for children. Please monitor your children’s internet activity if you have concern.

When will you perform in [Insert City, State, and or Country]?

We’re making it our goal to travel planet Earth as much as possible in our career. For the latest shows, you can consult our calendar here. Typically we only post upcoming events for the next couple of months, but if you don’t see your location- know that we’d be more than happy to make it out there with enough interest and a booking from your local venue! Our Contact page has all the information that you can pass on to anyone interested in hiring us for a show in your area.

Please do not write me asking questions if we will perform in your area. I won’t respond! My blog is also not the place to discuss booking gigs. For serious booking inquiries, please e-mail steampoweredgiraffe (at) gmail dot com.

What kind of makeup do you use in Steam Powered Giraffe?

Mehron metallic powers and mixing liquid coupled with Snazaroo, eyeliner, and a little bit of cream makeup.

Where did the name Rabbit come from?

It evolved from an online alias I used referencing the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland!

Where did you buy your Rabbit costume?

It was custom tailored from concepts I had by our costume designer, Esther Skandunas (https://www.etsy.com/shop/OnceUponABustle)

Where can I get prints of your artwork? Can I commission you?

I’m currently not open for commissions, but you can order prints of my work at my online gallery here.

Where can I send fan mail/gifts?

I’ll be happy to receive your itemized love at:

Christopher Bennett
c/o Steam Powered Giraffe LLC
PO Box 2681
La Mesa, CA 91943 

Are you transgendered?

I am transgendered and going through transition.

Which pronouns should I call you?


Is Rabbit getting a sex-change?

Yes. But it will be a few months before you hear much more.

Will Rabbit’s voice become higher and alter harmonies?

No. I’m a natural born bass. My range is stuck in a gravely deep. Hormones and therapy will not change that. When he speaks Rabbit already has a higher nasally voice most of the time. And I can get pretty high as you can see in a variety of our songs, but overall the vocal dynamics won’t change in our music.

What happened to Rabbit’s goggles?

Unfortunately you’re going to have to wait until there’s more to show on our comic!