1. thepointisdolphins said: (part 2)seem to be any tweets related to Zoe Quinn, I find it very difficult to swallow the fact that you apparently support a feminist as toxic as Anita Sarkeesian. I used to support her as well, but after digging deeper into her now infamous video series about the treatment of women in video games, I can't. If you'd like, I can go further into the why of this, but let me keep it short - from what I've seen, she seems to believe that almost every video game in existence is misogynistic in some


  2. thepointisdolphins said: (part 1)You can reply to this publicly if you want, but I'd rather you didn't, given the way some SPG fans can be when they see someone making a statement they disagree with. Neither of us needs an inbox shit-storm. Your latest post honestly has me feeling alienated. Not because of what's happening with Zoe Quinn - it's horrible and she doesn't deserve it. My problem is with the fact that the link you gave is to the Feminist Frequency twitter account. Putting aside the fact that there don't


  3. This whole Zoe Quinn thing is awful. I wish the world was a kinder place.


  4. steam-powered-kylie said: I'm so excited to see you at the Steamposium. It's going to be my first concert, con, and the first time seeing you (I'm sure I going to see you more then once. Hehe) There's is going to be a lot of first that day.

    Very excited to be back in Washington!


  5. askkailyn said: So I think a while back I had seen a old panel video. (Unless my mind has gone insane) I heard you mention something about a author (I think) that inspired you to get into steam punk. And it was a factor that helped you and David figure out the name for SPG? And I'm wonder what exactly you have said because if it was a author I would love to read the book/s...?

    H. G. Wells. Not only the father of science fiction, but his books predicted so much of today’s world. I’d recommend War of The Worlds, The Time Machine, The Island of Dr. Moreau, and First Men In The Moon.

    Not all the science is correct- but it’s so awesome to read about these wondrous ideas he had, including genetic manipulation, evolution, and time travel. I think there’s so much great fantasy in these books just due to what they knew back then. When you talk about stationary planets whose orbits have frozen, predictions of humans evolving into monsters…it’s absurd but so damn fun.


  6. the-deducting-demigod said: My 6 year-old sister, who absolutely loves SPG, thinks that GG is annoying and does crazy if anyone even mentions eating breakfast food when it's not breakfast time. My older sister and I agree that it would be hilarious if there was a video of GG talking about getting pancakes for dinner (since that's what gets the strongest reaction from her), and that if the video was made, we would film her reaction and post it in the Steam Powered Giraffe tags. Would you be willing to do it if possible? :)

    Ahahaha. I’m so glad GG’s “fan base” is opinionated. I think you’re going to love what I’m working on. ;)


  7. dreamy-pantsless-glee said: So, is Steam Powered Giraffe Hour/Half Hour not a thing anymore? I know you're all so busy, but it was such a treat on slow Friday afternoons.

    We’ve been much too busy. Secret projects, live show revisions, album work, touring. But we should have another one eventually.

  9. officialsteampoweredgiraffe:

    Listen to this Steam Powered Giraffe track with headphones on for some awesome binaural 3d sound!

    Ice Cream Parade is on Album One, and you can get this track and more at our online store!


  10. artificial-apnea said: Hiya! Just outta curiosity are you still going to use the Rabbit-ears Headdress thing at all, or stick with the wigs + paneling. Or are you going to rotate them from show to show? (also do you have a fave) Thanks so much, stay lovely <3

    The headpiece has to be recreated. It’s still a canon design, but I’d only use it again if Spine and Hatchworth had some equally cyberpunk looking costumes.

    I am pretty happy with the current look. There may be some subtle changes, but I think the bolt beret is too cute.