et-filii-diaboli said: Who is your favorite character from Guardians of the Galaxy(sorry if this is a repeat)

I wasn’t expecting to, but I really loved Rocket!


lissathewaltergirlrp said: Hi miss bunny! I was wondering, would you ever perform brass goggles again?

Probably sooner rather than later. I have to remake the backing tracks with the guys- so that requires some new instrumentation and such. :)

First burn! Time to check for errors. Also…This was shot in 2013, that title is a lie.
#spg #steampoweredgiraffe

First burn! Time to check for errors.
Also…This was shot in 2013, that title is a lie. #spg #steampoweredgiraffe


Transition blog #2. 1 month and 1 week on hormones.

(Also, I apologize for using the word “Transgendered” in this video. I think I remember hearing myself say it once or twice here, but I apologize that it keeps happening. Please don’t take it as me being insensitive! As you can probably tell, I slur my words a lot like a drunken sea captain and patter off in excess. Hopefully I learn to put the correct term into my vocabulary sooner or later.)


justmissjac said: Hey Bunn! I am wondering.. I know Jon sang those lovely overtones for Honeybee and I was kind of sad to miss them in your live shows, but I am pretty sure I heard them at Nerd Fest in Orlando this year! Am I wrong? If I'm right, who does them now?

Sam does ‘em! But of course we’re each doing our own thing, so it’s not exactly the same. We’ve actually added more harmonies to Honeybee for the live shows.


satanlovesyou69 said: I feel like you must hear this a lot, but I LOVE YOUR VOICE.

I don’t hear that a lot, so thank-you for telling me! :)


copperfist-the-automaton said: This isn't quite tour dates, but I'm trying to plan my youmacon visit far in advance, and I want to know if you guys will have a panel? I can't find a schedule yet on the website.

We will definitely have a panel. :)


the-concept-of-fluidity said: Bunny, it would seem by the fact that you are the main singer that you wrote Honeybee - is that the case? Would you ever consider doing a new version and video? I'd love to see it done with the new lineup (and of course the new Rabbit!)

When we started this band it was agreed there was no main singer. It’s why people still get confused.

Each robot is the lead singer. And that’s how you make a band with three “stars” happy and last longer.

I would love to do a shot-for-shot remake of Honeybee if the time was right.


emmi-kat said: This doesn't seem go with the theme of the asks tonight but it's on my mind and I'd like to share with you. Bunny, having just attended my 1st organized fan meetup, I'd like to thank you for giving myself and many others a place to feel safe & free & meet each other. I have made many friends thanks to you and, while we're all connected by SPG, we're also very different. I appreciate what you've done to bring us together despite these differences. My favourite days are thanks to y'all. Much love~

I know for all the torches and pitchforks that go with fandoms that this one has definitely been special for people. You can meet awesome people who share your interest in something.

It’s how you can hate the Sherlock or Doctor Who fandom and still enjoy waving around your sonic screwdrivers, eating Jammie Dodgers, and drinking tea with your best friend.

It’s how even if that game series you like is getting so much flack for this and that that you’re still buying the next expansion for a nostalgic rush and a midnight party with your mates.

If a work makes you excited and you feel like sharing it, that’s all it is. It’s fun to jump up and down as a group and get excited about this stuff.

That’s fandom for you.


theatricalitiesanddeception said: What's your favourite breakfast food?

Boy I hate breakfast food.

It’s like…Eggs and toast? More like…leftover cold pizza from the fridge!