structureal said: Hi! I'm trans, and I'm in the middle of dealing with transition too. 'Grats on getting hormones. I saw on your youtube Rabbit Reimagined, ~32min mark where you mention anxiety with your voice. I'm always trying to find ways to improve mine. I've gotten more comfortable as I use it more often. I also have a deep voice and my range is improving over time. I'm curious if you've found yours more comfortable, or if it's improving since then? Have you practiced/worked on it?

Thanks for the support! I’m taking voice lessons and definitely trying to increase my range. It’s hard because I’m so used to the low tones and a lot of my vocal ticks are engrained in my performances from doing them so much. Slow process of unlearning and relearning!


rabbittwalter said: I think the people who are saying the blonde wig doesn't work haven't seen it live. If they have, then I guess we can agree to disagree, but if they haven't, I swear it looks different in person. I managed to sit close to the front (and in the front on Saturday) for both shows, and I thought the blonde looked amazing. The stage lights, as you said yourself, made it kinda change color throughout the show, and I just loved how it made your outfit pop with a little glam. <3

It does work. Anything can “work.” Definitely a matter of opinion. This is why I’ve never settled on anything. Rabbit has no archetype. No defining feature. It used to be top hat and goggles. But I decided I didn’t want that to be it. Say with The Spine- instant archetype. The subtleties aren’t necessarily as well read. It’s also why his Spines being added caused some commotion. Hatchworth is all mustache and hat stack. Both these characters have finer details in their design, but those are second to the big silhouettes we’re familiar with.

I like the screw plate. I think its the start. But when you’re trying to make such a simplistic design for a woman…men really win out. The archetype for a woman in this group is always going to be “Oh, it’s a woman,” I believe. If we had multiple females it’d be damn hard. You could suggest…well hey you could do like a pigtailed Japanese themed robot, or a more 1960s era android. But as we’ve seen…there’s a sort of “timeless” style going on with the bots. And men’s clothing is traditionally harder to place in time…simply because it hasn’t changed much over the years. Women’s fashion is a little easier. Which is why I may do designs that haven’t changed as much over the years.

I could come up with tons of cool designs. But all of them would be too complicated compared to the other robots or stand out as too specific a decade. Victorian-style works- and I’m edging as close back to that as I can.

But boy it’s not easy.


e-magicnation said: About Rabbit's hair - what about black with verdigris-colored tips? Or a few verdigris streaks running down the sides? You could enhance the oxidizing hair effect with some little teardrop-shaped verdigris beads hanging in your hair where the streaks are. Glitz is always fun.

Yeah, I was thinking something like that. We’ll have to try some stuff out! :)




Where can you meet GG The Steam Powered Giraffe, The Walter Workers, and see a full 2 hour concert by the original steam man band? Well, we’ve tightened all the screws, defragmented the harddrives, and turned the dial up to 11 for an evening you won’t soon forget!

Join Steam Powered Giraffe back in their hometown of San Diego Thursday, July 24th and see the show how it was meant to be experienced! Special appearances by the other Walter bots GG The Giraffe, QWERTY, and BeeBop! Get your tickets today! https://thenorthparktheatre.frontgatetickets.com/event/7gcal8vo2sbm5lxg
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I just found out that I get to meet GG tomorrow for the first time. She’s worth coming to the show all by herself, right?

Join us! You’re not going to want to miss this one!


offbeatpixie said: Going off a statement someone else made in relation to the wig (The blond one you've currently been using), I feel it works better on Human!you than Robot!you. The cut is great though, so if you have it in black, I can't wait to see it. A vibrant red would also be really great, as I recall you wearing a red sash under your hat before the upgrade, and maybe it could almost be similar to that...or use shades of red for high/lowlights. Just a thought from a fan! :)

It doesn’t look as fun as the blonde- the black really makes it looks synthetic, y’know? But same cut. Excited to see it tomorrow all put together.

Red headband was great. Those of you who like Rabbit in hats may like to know I have two new hats I’ll be trying out in the coming months.

So many options! So little time.


localwatermelon said: I'm not at all trying to say that you're anything but gorgeous, but I feel like the black hair works better on Rabbit. Out of costume, totally awesome. Idk the blonde just seems strange on the robot. But you're super pretty anyway so what's the difference?

I’m more in love with the cut than the color for Rabbit. Though you’re right…I do like it on human me. Think it looks good! But I wanted to see how it looked all photographed. It works I think- but isn’t the most ideal. It looks like the performer didn’t want to put on a wig, right? Something more strange or stark would be appropriate in the weirdness of the robots.

I actually have the same wig in black and was planning on using it for tomorrow’s show! I find there’s not a lot of colors that work with the metals. I could do something garish like Hatchworth- but bronze is so dark he needs the gold highlights and orange facial hair to pop. And what color would Rabbit be…well…blue would be confusing because of the Walter Girls. Green or Turquoise…those seem obvious, but I’m not so sure. If I found the right “oxidized” wig I wouldn’t be opposed. Red was also a consideration…but I feel it looks awful with the copper.

Black seems the safest route- we’ll have to see how it looks on camera. :)


techn0mancer said: how was SD Pride?

It was really fun! And definitely beneficial to this girl’s soul.


New DVD Progress

David has put the finishing touches on the first cut of our DVD and we’re all watching it and writing down tweaks. It has taken a long time to edit, but I think people will appreciate this snapshot of our old lineup.

No release date yet, but we’re closer than we were!


screaming-wolf said: Hey, I'm hoping to cosplay you but I'm having a really hard time for some reason finding a close pattern for your dress, can you help me a little in finding one?

It was custom made with a unique pattern, but was definitely inspired by vintage swing skirts. It’s getting kind of Victorian though these days. We’ve modified the dress soooo much since I first wore it. And naturally, I’m going to change it again and again.

I’ll give you hints though. Definitely going more cabaret with it in the near future. Trying to get that punk look more into the dress and less on my head. If that makes sense. Does it? I don’t know. The original concept art for the outfit I did was very punk and very “show girl.” But it looked too much like underwear, I chickened out… and I didn’t feel comfortable with it. The swing dress was simple and has allowed a lot of flexibility and forgiveness due to how generic it is.


druidthunderwarrior said: Not asking this for myself, as I've already got my VIP tickets, but aren't they sold out now? When you go to look for tickets for VIP it says unavailable.

VIP tickets are sold out for the show. But general admission is still available. :)