1. muppetmolly said: That blue-black hairdo is perfect, awesome choice. The new costume seems less harsh material-wise. Like, the red is less red, black is less black. Might just be me. I don't know if the boys are getting new costumes but it looks a little odd. Love the design though, very rock n roll.

    I always wonder when I do my makeup/wear teal colors…am I colorblind? Cuz I totally see it as a blue-ish green, not blue.

    My costume uses the same materials that all the costumes have been made out of, but it is brand new…so it prolly doesn’t have the wear and tear that might make things appear darker. Not sure. :)


  2. I’ve got good news and even gooder news

    First, the good news:

    Kazookaphones will be back in stock for the holidays!

    And now for the gooder news:

    After the holidays we will have a new kazoo song for live shows.

    *pokes dimple* Teehee!

  3. trekkiebeth:

    Almost time for autographs | photo by trekkiebeth

    Look at that happy little robot band.


  4. karatoona:

    saranghae-rae said: What tattoo did you get?~ :D

    Thank you for asking!

    Last year I got this tattoo:


    today I just went in and got some of the colours touched up.

    In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s a giraffe.

    I dont know how closely you follow my blog, but there’s this band…

    Uber-fan is uber!!

  5. officialsteampoweredgiraffe:

    Kazooks! Steam Powered Giraffe has a new T-Shirt!

    Just in time for the upcoming holiday season, we’re opening pre-orders for a new t-shirt (designed by Bunny Bennett) Head over to www.steampoweredgiraffe.com and secure your Regular Cut or Feminine Cut Robots of SPG shirt for $20 plus shipping and handling! Pre-orders are expected to ship this November!


  6. shadowshade936 said: Miss Bunny, do you plan to do another Vlog soon (I'm not trans, but I still find your videos a huge inspiration to have confidence in yourself, and to keep moving forward)? P.S. I really like your most recent look!

    Huge, huge changes since I posted the last one. Prolly in a couple weeks. :)

  7. drunkenburnie:

    this was on my timehop for today. Things have greatly changed since 2 years ago. Its crazy that I’ve been a fan for so long

    Can’t believe its been 2 years since that show! I remember thinking it was probably Jon’s last show with us. Pretty emotional stuff.

  8. Oh the trouble to get into…


  9. Amg! I’m honored. :D


  10. bcm2849:

    I believe in the tumblr-verse they call this “signal boost”. Yeah, lets go with that. $915 so far meaning $585 more to go. Every little donation counts and there are incentives include art from the talented peeps alyxxtheartist , squ1dp0ny , bubblegumofsmoke and rosedye for a $15 donation. 
    bunnybrush is doing $10 commisions that will go to donations as well. 

    Also, can’t forget the amazing flowerbite has offered to pen in a custom made beastie of your design into her book for a $100 donation.