1. emmi-kat said: This doesn't seem go with the theme of the asks tonight but it's on my mind and I'd like to share with you. Bunny, having just attended my 1st organized fan meetup, I'd like to thank you for giving myself and many others a place to feel safe & free & meet each other. I have made many friends thanks to you and, while we're all connected by SPG, we're also very different. I appreciate what you've done to bring us together despite these differences. My favourite days are thanks to y'all. Much love~

    I know for all the torches and pitchforks that go with fandoms that this one has definitely been special for people. You can meet awesome people who share your interest in something.

    It’s how you can hate the Sherlock or Doctor Who fandom and still enjoy waving around your sonic screwdrivers, eating Jammie Dodgers, and drinking tea with your best friend.

    It’s how even if that game series you like is getting so much flack for this and that that you’re still buying the next expansion for a nostalgic rush and a midnight party with your mates.

    If a work makes you excited and you feel like sharing it, that’s all it is. It’s fun to jump up and down as a group and get excited about this stuff.

    That’s fandom for you.


  2. theatricalitiesanddeception said: What's your favourite breakfast food?

    Boy I hate breakfast food.

    It’s like…Eggs and toast? More like…leftover cold pizza from the fridge!


  3. leviosaravenxx said: I just wanted to say that I admire and appreciate that you , in some ways, share your transition. It has to take a fair amount of courage and desire of being yourself to do so in such a public way. Is it ever hard? If that's too personal, I understand. Please know I mean no offense. I adore your Rabbit character and think you have a lovely singing voice. SPG is my favorite. I was wondering what helps keep you strong a midst some of the negativity? As one woman to another...you inspire me. <3

    Thank you Levios. I am happy you enjoy my work, and I love your question.

    Cliche, but true: It’s the little things that keep you going. Depression is awful to combat, and is something I’ve routinely tossed aside as “horseshit” for myself.

    I’m an open book kind of person. I see my experiences and emotions as teeth in the gears. There’s nothing special about them…and so I share them freely. How I can do that and still not open to people is why humans are so annoying.

    Problematic parents that I swore I’d never be like, trying not to use them as excuses for my behavior…this is psychology 101.

    But over the years of therapy and seeing what depression does to people, I can admit I need help. Transitioning is a step for me to take control of my life and enjoy living more. Because when you get to the point that things are going pretty swell for you…and you still think life sucks…there’s something wrong with you.

    Being thrown into a public setting naked for folks to poke at me like this sucks. But we’re in the age of the celebrity that needs to be more human…and less robotic.

    And it feels a lot better to be honest.


  4. eimme said: Thanks for being so awesome Bunny & putting up with all of our crap. I adore you & SPG so much. I see the shit that goes on in this fandom and on this website and it makes me so anxious. I try to steer clear of all of it, but I never even thought about the fact that you're probably blasted with every little bit of it 24/7. You're a saint for even interacting with us, thank you so much for everything you give. Thanks for that post, thanks for being on tumblr, thanks for being really neat :0

    I really appreciate that you’re kind enough to overlook my transgressions and give me some support. I’m trying the best I can.

    The best advice given to me over and over again is to step back from Tumblr and remember that this is just how the internet works. It kind of sucks. Its kind of gross we spend so much time on here.

    I am an offender and a victim, just like everyone else.

    On top of Tumblr…you’re dealing with a fandom…and you also throw in all the crap that the internet is known for: rants/instant satisfaction/being a douchebag. It’s a headache for everyone involved. And people who swim and live in this stuff are a fascinating species.

    I hate it online. Tumblr has wasted a good chunk of my life I will never get back. I’m here to connect with fans, do my job, and create “artwork.” And that’s why this is a double edged sword. Amazing what it can do. But I hate it.

    The positives are nice, and that’s what you tell yourself to keep going. The biggest positive is that our social stream interaction has made me learn so much about myself and operating a business through it.

    Lets not talk more about the negatives.


  5. rabbittwalter said: Hi, Miss Bunny. I just wanted to tell you that SPG means a lot to me. That you and your bandmates have quite literally saved my life. And that you, specifically, are someone I look up to a bunch. I can admit that the people I respect are not perfect, that you lot aren't perfect, but I respect you all the same. And I know you probably get a million messages like this daily, but that doesn't make these words any less true. Thanks for reading. -Hayden.

    Thanks for messaging me Hayden! I’m touched we could have any effect on anybody. Having an audience is a blessing, and we definitely live to see you smile.


  6. lissatrandom said: One thing I have to say that I love about you and SPG as a whole, is that I appreciate the creative journey of your work. I step back and take a look at all of your work over the years and see the progression. I'm so happy that you guys are all so open about sharing your journey with us. Even if it's something that I first see and think, 'meh', I always remind myself to 'wait and see'. In time, I'll understand the reason for that step on the journey. Keep doing what you do! I love it! <3

    Band stories are pretty cool. I think it’ll make a good book when we’re older and wiser…and have more to reflect on.

    We haven’t hit the drunken stardom years yet, so here’s hoping we go platnum, develop alcoholic personalities, drive around in limos made of cocaine, and wear womens clothing.

    At least I got that last part down.


  7. floralvideogamesandhomies said: Have you guys ever been stopped in public by fans? I imagine that if I were to ever see one of you guys in public (since I live in SD as well), I'd just have a heart attack but then not even approach you because I feel that would be innapropiate.

    It happens occasionally! But not enough for me to expect it. We got recognized at Disney World by folks who didn’t even know we were in Orlando- it was sweet to be able to have that moment.

    Definitely makes you feel special. And I hope it made their day.

    Though being at Disney World is…probably a bigger highlight.


  8. afternoonman said: Hi! I don't want to come across the wrong way, but I've noticed you seem reluctant to apologize a lot of the time. Maybe I'm wrong but I get the sense that you prefer justifying yourself over saying that you're sorry.

    It’s definitely hard to want to apologize to people who make you feel shitty.
    It’s human nature to justify the things we do when we feel attacked.

    And I am sorry that I’d rather write long, drawn out blog posts where you have to search for the apology.

    I guess the damage is done though. It’s a lesson to keep in mind. As my mime instructor always said…”Keep it simple, stupid.”


  9. fuckyeahgeekshot said: but, people aren't asking you to tag every little thing. some would just like you to tag major things like self harm, blood, eating disorders and violence. i understand where you're coming from but, with a growing fan base you have to be careful about triggers especially on tumblr.

    But who said I was against that? That’s what I’ve been doing.

    The problem people are having is that I don’t agree with Trigger Warnings. Not that I fail to consider the people they might affect.


  10. floppybelly said: Okay so you like to hear critique, yes? I know it's not a big deal at all, but it irks me sometimes when you make a grammatical error. David does too, but you're the one who proclaims herself to be a writer. Not all writers have perfect grammar, yes, but those who don't will often find an editor or proofreader for their work when publishing it. Do you need an editor for your larger works? Thanks for the invitation to voice more negative observations like this, even the little ones! Much love <3

    Well, everyone makes mistakes.

    I know there’s mistakes all over our website and printed material. Unfortunately it happens even when we have three or more people looking at it. This “permanent” stuff does go through a more rigorous editing process, so hopefully it’s usually in better shape.

    On Tumblr and social media y’don’t always find the time to correct mistakes or try and go through an editing process. At least for me.