1. catrovert said: Good evening miss Bunny. For school I'm currently reading Lewis Carroll's stories, Alice's Adventures, Though The Looking Glass (of course), but also a few of his lesser known stories. And I was wondering if you've ever read any of his stories? Seeing as they're quite whimsical and rather intelligent at times, they strike me as something you would enjoy. Of course I may be entirely wrong, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

    Rabbit is inspired by Alice in Wonderland fo’ sure. Originally Rabbit was suppose to be a portal generator/time machine back when we were writing stuff for the Clockwork Vaudeville stage show. But we altered it for simplicities sake. So, she was always kind of suppose to be the “tour guide” or bridge to the crazy world of Kazooland and such. Especially since The Jon was a batshit nuts character…Rabbit acted as the connective tissue between straight man Spine and otherworldly Jon.


  2. blaqkcat said: So rabbit with rabbit ears is not a thing anymore? ;-;


  3. Kitty Farts


    But I love her so. Especially cuz sometimes she turns into a Halloween Decoration

    (Not my cat. But you get the idea)

  4. trekkiebeth:

    Rabbit | photo by trekkiebeth



  5. askrivettetickmatch said: How in the actual heck do y'all come up with the names for the albums? Two Cent Show, MK III, and Vice Quadrant? Seriously, I don't think there's an end to how creative y'all are! Most music groups just name albums after the catchiest song, but, nope, y'all go beyond that. It's great to see all the various ways that y'all add to Steam-Powered Giraffe's individuality, even if it's little things like album titles. Keep on being awesome! *happy ferret noises*

    Album titles just follow a sequential format. We came up with the idea while working on Album One, but we wanted to make sure after years and years of albums folks could find the starting point very easily.

    So Vice QUADrant will be our fourth album. I’m pretty sure our fifth will be GIANT QUINTIPED HORRORSPIDER FROM THE FIFTH RING OF HELL.


  6. woodturtle said: How do you all decide upon the set-list for your shows? And what's your favourite venue to play? I'd love to see more songs live (THANK YOU for coming to Canada. Come back. We miss you!!)

    Right now we have alternating set-lists. Some songs are the same, but most are replaced by variations. This came about primarily because of venues wanting us to do two nights, but with different songs to attract dual viewings. With all the songs we have going, I think its been a good practice for when we’ll inevitably have to alternate sets for every show simply due to the amount of potential ones we could play.

    Favorite venue? There’s so many good ones. Anytime we play at an actual theatre though there’s a little magic in the air. :)


  7. kayloveyoubye said: Is the new kazoo song for live shows a song from MK III? - Ally D.

    Nope. It’s a completely new song.


  8. steampoweredgraffielove said: Last night I ordered a t-shirt, can't wait till it gets here in November!! And thank you guys for being such a great band :)

    Thanks for the support! Those t-shirts will give us a happy X-Mas, so please know we’re grateful! <3


  9. supersquire457 said: Is there a specific date for the Vice Quadrant release? :D I can't wait!

    There is not! But it’s certainly going to be a fun album.
    I like to think of it as a detour before we go back to a more…standard, robot-centric album 5. But, since it’s nowhere near being done yet…we’ll see how it evolves!


  10. misasaiiran said: Hi hi! I was just wondering if you guys think you'll ever play a show in Las Vegas? Stay awesome! ♡♡♡

    Man, we played such a nice lil’ show to 100 or so people in Vegas on Valentines Day. I wish you had come to it!