So I started…

…writing this book.

I kept from posting that for about a week because I felt someone online would try to find an ulterior motive behind the statement… like… I was simply smugly telling the public to sustain my ego…y’know general douche-baggery from Douchey McDouchburger from the city of Doucheington. In Doucheville county. In Douchasota. The United States of Doucheland.

Then I realized if that guy comes around I’m going to lift a finger, point at him and just start screeching like a Pterodactyl.

The art of blogging (shut up, it’s an art now) - The art of blogging has always been my tether to the aspiration to be a storyteller. Putting my silly ideas on paper always seemed great, and conveying this to wandering internet specters for the last decade or so has been a hobby of mine.

It didn’t matter who would listen. One or two followers was still having that human connection. And hooking more wanderers with my ramblings of sociology, psychology, metaphysical hoobidy-doo, and boobies was fun. Here was my little shelf on the internet to exist as a voice.

I was blogging before you found my blog and I blogged all about my silly projects for years. I was so cool I even had a deadjournal and a livejournal…y’know just for days I wanted to kill myself and come back from the grave.

I’m not a great writer, but I excelled in English class in school (and failed horribly at Math) and my blogging I’d like to believe has made me unnaturally and grammatically “proper.” So if you want to be a writer kids…but can’t find the motivation. Consider starting a blog and maybe one day too you’ll write the first chapter of your book. Y’know…after you’re five years into your own robot band.

SO YEAH I’M WRITING A BOOK. It officially started a week ago and for me it’s a huge thing. I don’t know what compelled me on that specific night, though for the last few months Paige and Sam’s own writing endeavors and the chats we’ve had have really inspired me.

It’s amazing what new people in your life can do- and certainly Paige and Sam have been a huge inspiration in other aspects of my life, so I’m not surprised they ultimately unknowingly started to lift this idea out of its primordial soup in my imagination and into the world.

It’s what…eight years of spending time each day fabricating this little world I’ve vacationed in. And it’ll be many more years I’m sure to flesh it all out in writing.

I don’t talk much about it. Which is strange considering how much I’ve told people about my other projects. I think I’ve told a number of people the whole story for the first graphic novel of SPG several times. But I’ve only told a few good friends about my little dream project.

I’m not sure if the story and the world are necessarily digestible. This is a very, very personal project and I’m not sure how much folks would want to delve into it.

My girlfriend has been my closest “in” with it. I’ve told her a lot about the history and the cultures…samplings of this and that…

She read my first draft of the first chapter and thought my writing style seemed older and very descriptive, and she seemed genuinely interested in the visuals I wrote.

This is from a biased lover, but still…the tingling you get from someone interpreting your words. The details they crafted in the blanks. I remember reading Stephen King’s autobiography as a child and learning about how it tickled him so too.

It’s all the same, isn’t it? It’s the same feeling I get from sharing our music for the first time to someone…or stepping out there on stage. It’s that electricity of the human connection.

If anything- I do feel the imagery of the book might be a highlight. To take people on a trip through my imagination and have them come out with all these images in their heads. How would they have seen this or that? The thought along is so exciting.

Which is great considering there’s no illustrations to go along with it. Yet. But I feel the words I’m using to tell the story are no different than the strokes I would use to paint them if I chose to. I’m not sure if I can compare my writing with my art in my novice state of both, though each skill set are family to me.

Art and writing have always been close tools I’ve coveted in my short life thus far to undertake my aspiration as a storyteller. It may be that the stories I have to tell aren’t going to be popular. They may not even be interesting in the slightest- but as an artist we rarely do these things first and foremost for anyone but ourselves.

But then again there’s that tingle…and maybe that’s a good sign I’m on the right track.

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